Reconnecting to the little things

Gorgeous Knickers, Kitchen Floor With Cat

Yesterday I re-connected with my kitchen floor. I gave that floor a jolly good scrub. 3 times. It’s beautiful. Actually, that’s not true. Its ugly, but at least its clean 🙂

The kitchen floor and I had lost touch! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve stayed in touch superficially, I’ve walked all over it. But my mind and body have been MIA (missing in action).

The kitchen floor is just one small thing in a long list of things I’ve lost touch with; the garden, the iron, the kids schools, the children…

While I was away I had a vast support network to “look after” all of those things. Gardeners, nanny’s, cleaners, laundry service. Bless all of them! But I’m back now. Thanks for your help – I’ll take it from here.

Where have I been? I was missing somewhere between the 7:01am from Camberwell Station, my Blackberry and the city.

Am I back? Not really. I’m still travelling – but I think I’ve nearly made it home! Turns out I’m that keen on cleaning the kitchen floor – but at least I did it myself. Tested the equipment. Made a plan. Refined the equipment. Refined the plan.

Perhaps I’m putting TOO much thought in to the kitchen floor. May need to think more about the children!

Originally posted: 9th April 2013

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