Thanks Billy.

Video Clip FlashBack! Billy Ocean When the Going Gets Tough

Today Billy Ocean reminded me of something. He awakened the flickering spark of something long forgotten. For 4:08 minutes my Mojo was back.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
When the going gets rough, the tough get rough. “
“I’m gonna buy me a one way ticket.
Nothings gonna hold me back. “

Can I be frank? OK. Thanks, cause “I got something to tell ya, I got something to say…”

I really don’t know what happened to my self-confidence and to my life – but damn, I gotta fight. Right now I AM BACK. There is a line in the sand. The fight starts now.

Thanks Billy. xxx

You’ll notice that I have introduced Mojo to this discussion. Is a mid-life crisis really a crisis of disappearing mojo? Is that what happens when you get older?

What actually is Mojo anyway? Is it a proper noun? Does it need a capital letter? Google offers the following pearl of wisdom. Mojo is a noun and it means “A magic charm, talisman, or spell. Magic power”.

It seems I’ve lost my magic!  OMG …that sounds pretty serious. What magic was that? Was it just the magic of youth? Muscle tone? Responsive neurons? Attitude to life? Pre-baby body shape? Ability to drink more than 2 glasses of wine without getting a nasty hang-over?

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but when I was young I used to derive a certain amount of satisfaction from the beeps, honks and hollering of passing drivers when I waited to cross the lights at an intersection near my childhood home. This shallow accolade kept me feeling that maybe I was more than passably attractive. I’m ashamed to admit it. It is pathetic, but true! Sorry. I don’t get the same response nowadays. It should not have mattered then and it should not matter now – but it does. A little.

Is self-esteem that fragile? Is fading Mojo a David Attenborough-type phenomenon of diminishing attractiveness as societal fertility diminishes?

Apparently, at least to a certain degree, it is! Really though, I think it is more that our outward appearance forces us to consider something that we might not otherwise consider. We are getting older and things we took for granted about ourselves (our appearance being one) are not what we thought they were. I don’t actually feel any older, but I do look older.

Intuitively I feel that my Mojo is linked to more than just my outward appearance. It’s more than my value as a person too. I think I’m a better person now than once I was.

I think my magic was confidence. Plain and simple.

I’ve been lucky in my life. I was not conscious of that when I was younger – I took it for granted. I arrogantly expected the chips to fall my way. Now I’m older and wiser, I realize the tremendous odds of each situation and I don’t expect to be lucky. Of course, I believe that if you don’t expect good things, you won’t get good things. Catch 22!So, maybe if Billy can re-ignite the magic, even if it’s only for 4:08 minutes, then there is hope… ☺

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