Lipstick, fabulous shoes and self-belief.

Gorgeous Python Ankle Strap Shoes - available online at Saks.

Gorgeous Python Ankle Strap Shoes – available online at Saks.

I find it easy to lose a lot of valuable time pondering past events or speculating about the future rather than being present in the present. So it was in a mercifully short reflective moment that I recently wondered – what is the legacy that I am leaving my children? No, I don’t mean money. I mean, how will they remember me? What weird, quirky habits will one day be explained by “Oh dear! I get that from my mother”?

I’ve looked down the list. Perhaps I should apologise to my children now? “Sorry Beautiful, your Mama is a nutter? You’ll carry the scars for the rest of your life and probably pass on a few of these weirdnesses to your own children.”

  • Tea is sacred. It needs a special cup. Strangers can rarely make your tea successfully.
  • Shoes matter. The more gorgeous the better.
  • There is NO excuse for wearing runners unless you are doing sport.
  • Mice are rodents, not pets.
  • Lipstick. Always. There is nothing more to say about this.
  • Underwear matches. It doesn’t have holes. It is irrelevant that no one can see it. It is about self-respect.
  • Black is a wasted opportunity. Why choose plain black shoes (jacket, pants, shirt…) when for the same price you can have something truly spectacular in colour.
  • Self-belief. You can do anything – as long as you believe you can.
  • Always dress for who you want to be. Never be under-dressed. I think that my grandmother taught me this. But I am just as committed to this ideal as she was. Rightly or wrongly, my experience has been that people judge you and make decisions about who/what you can be, based on the way you dress.
  • Spiders can live as long as they don’t impinge on my personal insect exclusion zone. If they touch the house or the car then they have to die. Sorry. That’s just how it is.
  • Prioritise ruthlessly. There is never enough time so focus on what is important.
  • … and finally, NEVER forget to hug and kiss the people that you love. Every day. Even if you have to catch them first! 🙂

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