New Years Resolutions

Resolutions in action

Life is too short – we’re using the pool!

Hey ho! Its New Year’s resolution time again! What do I need to give up this year? What do I need to start doing? Is it the same stuff as last year? Yes ma’am. I think it is. You might recall an earlier post in which I confessed to having failed to document 2013’s resolutions. That, I am sure, is why my 2014 resolutions will look a lot like 2013’s should have. Or maybe I could position it as having used 2013 to plan for 2014. So, that’s settled. I am actually surpassing all of my past resolution setting by having thoughtfully considered these resolutions for an extra 12 months. Good work! So lets begin shall we?

The rules.

  • There must be three resolutions. Three being the Pythagorean’s magic number and having many extraordinary properties (see Wikipedia). I think the coolest of these is this “a natural number is divisible by three if the sum of its digits in base 10 is divisible by 3. For example, the number 21 is divisible by three (3 times 7) and the sum of its digits is 2 + 1 = 3. Because of this, the reverse of any number that is divisible by three (or indeed, any permutation of its digits) is also divisible by three.” (Wikipedia I love Wikipedia.
  • Resolutions must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-frame) – or at least have sub-goals that are SMART.
  • Goals must be challenging

Resolution 1

Learn German. I have faffed on about wanting to do this for ten years. This is the year. I am enrolling. Watch me.

Resolution 2

Build my marketing brand. This is really necessary, but really tough. I see three aspects.

  1. Make a plan. A ridiculously trite beginning for a massive undertaking.
  2. Commit. Of course.
  3. Focus. Crucial to the planning process and to achieving anything.

Resolution 3

Care for myself. This is my most complex, but perhaps most important, resolution. The word “care” is critical here. As a verb, care is defined as “look after and provide for the needs of” and also “to have regard, affection, or consideration (for)”.

  1. Be happy – I need to do what is necessary for a happy state of mind and build a confident, vital self.
  2. Do the basics – For starters, apply sunscreen and moisturizer. Wear a hat.
  3. Exercise – This is a no-brainer. I am not saying, “Exercise more”. Right now, walking down the driveway would bring me close to achieving that. I am saying I will introduce and stick to a realistic, light exercise plan. It must include sit-ups and planks. I hate those. They must therefore be very good for me. There is no budget for this so it does not include regular facials and manicures! Fundamentally this resolution is not a plan to outsource my personal maintenance to a range of costly services. My intention is more spiritual and sustainable than that.

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