Australia. It aint all bad.

I couldn’t find a big Australia filled with milk and honey – so this will have to do.

I’ve been gearing up to give vent to the things that are disappointing me about my native country. But before I could finish writing that tirade, a few things have happened to remind me that it ain’t all bad.

1. A random act of kindness.

To the person who gifted me a parking permit this morning – THANK YOU.

I didn’t notice that I needed to buy a ticket to park on Burke Rd (Camberwell). I couldn’t believe it when I came back to my car and there was a ticket under my windscreen wiper. Of course I initially thought that I’d been booked! Your kindness has undoubtedly saved me from a nasty fine. More than that though, your kindness has actually made my day. Really.

2. Our fire-fighters have done it again.

How awesome are our fire-fighters (that includes the partner agencies and support crews)? They are incomparably selfless and brave. Can we say it often enough? No, we can’t say it often enough. While we head AWAY (as we should) – they go TOWARDS the inferno. If they aren’t busy in their own state – they even go to other states to take up the fight there too. Bloody amazing. THANK YOU.

3. A decent bloke fixed my plumbing.

My plumbing was just fixed by a thoroughly decent guy who a) didn’t bill me just to turn up, b) actually fixed the problem, and c) isn’t going to take any money from me till we are really sure that he fixed the problem. WHAT?!?! Yep. True story. I’m a little sensitive after recently being charged $500+ by a company who came to fix my air-conditioner… but actually didn’t, and still charged me a call-out fee and their hourly rate. They promised to bill me the other $1500 when they came back to fix the problem. I called a second firm and had the air-conditioner fixed for $350.

Anyway, this guy wasn’t fancy. He didn’t spin me a line about how disastrously big the job was and how we’d need to re-mortgage to fix it. He didn’t factor my postcode into the cost of the service (we get that a lot). HE JUST FIXED IT. THANK YOU. One good turn deserves another so I am going to share their details – if you need a plumber in Melbourne (Australia) call Rescue Plumbing 1300 133 661.

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