How to make your dreams come true.


Be BOLD. Be BRAVE. Be LUCKY. Three life-changing quotes.

I’ve stumbled across three life-changing quotes this week. I’ve racked my brains to see the link between them – and at last I’ve found it. All three quotes are about achieving things you’ve only dreamed about. Their message is:

  • Be bold
  • Be brave
  • Be lucky.

The power of these words is scary. What I can achieve with these words is even scarier.

It is no accident that I saw these quotes. In marketing there is a term for this – it’s selective perception and it’s the tendency that we have to see things that we are looking for. I’ve been looking for these words. I feel that they are giving me permission to let go of inhibitions and surely, with conviction, strike out for my dreams.

This is my challenge – to you and I, make your dreams come true. The roadmap is here.

  1. Be bold. You cannot expect to achieve your dreams by doing what you’ve always done. If that was so, wouldn’t you have already have accomplished them?
  2. Be brave. Is fear holding you back? Fear of what? I can understand if it is fear of failing. Believe me, I do understand that (see my recent post on confidence).  But trust me, understanding what you fear really and truly is the first step to defeating it. Find the courage to do what you know you need to do.
  3. Be lucky. Successful people make their own good luck by demonstrating several traits that anyone can emulate:
    1. Play to your strengths. You will thrive at the juncture where your talent, interest and opportunity overlap. So focus on the things that you do well and don’t waste time trying to become expert at the things that you don’t do well. It’s not that you’ll never be good at them, and I’m not saying that self-improvement is passé. Rather, I am saying that when making your own good luck, these areas won’t be your pot of gold. Successful people seek out partners who excel in the areas in which they are weak.
    2. Prepare for opportunities. You won’t be ready to seize the opportunities that come to you if you are stuck in a reactive cycle. Also, if you are ill-prepared then you WILL NOT SHINE or impress anyone – so opportunities will avoid you.
    3. Be efficient with your time. I know people who get so much done each day that I jokingly wonder if they sleep. Well they do. They’re just ruthlessly efficient with their time and that’s something to admire and emulate. I’ll be posting soon on ways to become more efficient! But don’t put your effort into things that give you instant success – lucky people put time into gaining a head start on future projects.
    4. Connect with people. Kevin Daum says that the “key to success is access to opportunity” and if you are providing value to people then they will bring opportunities to you. I am NOT saying that you should network. Networking is building professional relationships and to me, it’s a shallow activity. What is needed is to really connect with people – to add a value to their lives that inspires them to share your thoughts and to want to hear more. Do you add value to the people that you connect with? If not, you need to.

Notes on these quotes:

  1. Be bold – Facebook brought me this quote. One of those lovely things that you unexpectedly find in your stream.
  2. Be brave – Elizabeth Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”) brought me this quote which drove her forward as she was gripped by fear ahead of her recent Ted talk.
  3. Be lucky – My LindedIn newsfeed sent me to the article in which I saw this quote. See the full post “5 Things Super Lucky People Do“.

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