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Resolutions in action

New Years Resolutions

I have already confessed to failing to document 2013’s resolutions. That is why my 2014 resolutions look a lot like 2013’s should have. These were written weeks ago… it’s February already. Clearly I need the pressure of a public posting to kick my butt into action.

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Lipstick, fabulous shoes and self-belief.

I recently wondered – what is the legacy that I am leaving my children? What weird, quirky habits will they one day explain with “Oh dear! I get that from my mother”? Looking down my list I realise that I should apologise to my children now. “Sorry Beautiful, your Mama is a nutter.”

The gorgeous Carey Mulligan in the Great Gatsby.

Hello F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In the interests of expanding my mind, every now and then I like to branch out and read serious literature. By this I mean sensible books written by well-respected authors and definitely NOT the blog posts, web articles, FB updates, historical romances…etcetera, etcetera that I usually read. But reading Fitzgerald has turned out to be a thought-provoking experience….

Barbie, a perfect role model

Bravo Barbie.

Barbie has been much maligned in recent years. People are contemptuous of her movies, they disparage her fashion – and they make fun of her boyfriend Ken (that’s low). But not me, I’m a fan. From observation, I find that Barbie is a well-rounded, accomplished young woman with impeccable manners – an ideal role model.

In the beginning

My restless mind circulates many, many questions. Big questions. Life altering questions. Mostly I ask myself, “Is this really what life & destiny had in mind for me? Really????”