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Resolutions in action

New Years Resolutions

I have already confessed to failing to document 2013’s resolutions. That is why my 2014 resolutions look a lot like 2013’s should have. These were written weeks ago… it’s February already. Clearly I need the pressure of a public posting to kick my butt into action.

Bring on 2013! Getting on with my New Year's Resolutions.

Dissolving Cosmic Dissonance.

It’s August. I still don’t have my New Years Resolutions sorted. That, and mis-matched underwear, are on top of the list of things with the power to cause me an internal state that I liken to cosmic dissonance.

Gorgeous Knickers, Know Thyself Image Collage

Know thyself

It isn’t uncommon for mothers to feel that they’ve lost their identity. I love pinning inspiring images on my Pinterest Board. Lately I’ve realized that Pinterest is reflecting back a picture of myself! So I’m ‘finding’ myself through my pins.