• In the beginning

    My restless mind circulates many, many questions. Big questions. Life altering questions. Mostly I ask myself, "Is this really what life & destiny had in mind for me?…

    Ballet dancing is a career that I'm going to have to cross off my list of potential careers.

    I am not the next world number 1 tennis player.

    It’s sobering to recognise that at 44 years old there are a few career paths that I’m going to have to cross off the list. It seems pretty clear that I’m never going to make it as a professional tennis player. I am not the next Van Gogh. Concern pianist? No. Prima Ballerina? Definitely not!

    Australia. It aint all bad.

    I’ve been gearing up to give vent to the things that are disappointing me about my native country. But before I could finish writing that tirade, a few things have happened to remind me that it ain’t all bad.